The desire of every customer is to do business with a reliable, constantly operating company. Our goal is to be a company that every customer can trust!

It is to promote our company with its professionalism, reliability and quality in the international arena, not only within the borders of the Republic of Azerbaijan!

Based on the principle of permanence, as in the slogan of our company, the element of QUALITY has always been at the forefront.

Established on 07.01.2016, Goldmoon LLC has today become ENERMUS CSC with 8 years of experience.

Over the years, the company, specializing in the specific field of gas industry since its inception, has moved from the sale of household and industrial gas equipment to the local production of Cabinet-type Gas Control Stations and Pneumatic Odor Devices that work without electricity. has started.

During your application to ENERMUS CSC, you will already witness professional technical support and promptness!


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